Announcement: ‘Rise Up for Climate Justice’ to go local and online 3-6 November! National event postponed

We know how important it is to connect and get to know one another, learning together and taking action, which was one of the intentions of the Rise Up for Climate Justice event. With the current covid situation, we have decided that we would not be able to comfortably hold a national convergence of people from around Aotearoa to meet in Taranaki.

We have decided to decentralise the event by holding an online webinar followed by local and online actions across the motu from 3-6 November. Our days of local and online action are Friday the 5th of November (Parihaka Invasion Day) and Saturday the 6th of November (International Day of Climate Action for COP26). The national event is postponed to a later date.

We believe that people need to connect and collaborate for climate justice – that the Government is moving too slowly and with false solutions – real change and action to stop climate change industries is needed. Therefore we are calling upon people all around Aotearoa to take action locally! Connect with people in your area and community to Rise Up for Climate Justice. Local groups are in the process of organising some actions which you are welcome to join or feel free to create your own.

Our agreed demands are:
– End extraction of fossil fuels
– Ban industrial fertiliser
– End dairy exports, and
– No false solutions (like hydrogen)

More information and educational resources will be released about this later this week to help you join or organise a local action, and feel confident and informed.

Email us on or stay tuned to our social media channels and website for updates! We are excited about the growing climate movement at this time and are glad to have you involved in the upcoming events!

We leave you with some korero from Parihaka:

TE KAWENATA O RONGO, PRESENT – FUTURE: ‘Whakarongo ake, hei hinu koa ki runga ki ho koutou pane, he pakanga i waiho ake e o koutou tipuna. Ahakoa whakarumakina e te hoa, ka puea ano, e nganganamai ra i te puke, ka kite te iti me te rahi. Whakaeketia te moana waiwai, te moana tuatua, te moana oruoru, koi whakatupuria he kawa ora. Whakaterea te ara rau a Tangaroa, pakeke kau te ara tapokorau o nehe, unuhia te ara ruiti a Tane. Ta te hae ka nawe, ta te pai ka tau, i te hari, i te koa. Me he popoko i te rua, me he tatara- moeone i te rua, whakaeaea ki te hau. Kita, kita i te wiwi, i te wawa, kei mou ki taihua, te akinga a-tai, te paringa a-tai, i te taimaha, taikaha o te ao. Ko toku kaha me toku reo, hei reo whakahaere ki tenei whakatupuranga, hei tangata whakaaraara koe mo nga iwi e rua. E kore tou reo e taea te pehi e nga mounga nunui, e kore tou mangai e taea te kopani e nga mounga nunui, e nga pukepuke o te motu nei. Ka haepapa i tou reo, ka whakahaere tikanga koe mo te kino kia mate i te pai.’
‘Listen, for you have a role to fulfil, it is a challenge left to you by your ancestors. Though you may be overwhelmed by your neighbour, success will come, a glow will be on the mountain skyline, to be seen by all. Go out on open seas, unsettled and surging seas to find new and bountiful existence. This commitment has set sail on Tangaroa of limitless paths, refraining from the arduous and boggy paths we once traveled, allowing them to pass from this world. Violence scars, while that shown care will be strong, self-assured and confident. As an ant in the burrow, as a juvenile cicada maturing in the earth, to emerge into the open. Be surrounded with the cacophony of confidence, lest you be confined to the shore, pulled by tides, swamped by waves of all that is heavy and harsh in this world. All my strength and my voice is guidance to this generation, that you be the empowerer of both peoples. Your voice cannot be smothered by the authorities, your voice cannot be silenced by the powerful, nor the turbulent events of this land. Should your voice be abolished, you will use tikanga to respond to the hatred, overcoming it with kindness.’