Join us in Taranaki…

the ‘energy centre’ of Aotearoa and a major industrial dairy region, to take direct action against major climate polluters and demand urgent, just transformation of government and big business.

We have no more time to waste! The international climate negotiations (COP26) will be happening then, and we want to be clear that if they don’t take the actions required to keep temperature rise to 1.5, then we will.

We’re teaming up from across Aotearoa to hold four days of skill-sharing, wananga, networking and non-violent direct actions with other concerned people from across Aotearoa.

The 5th of November is the day colonial troops invaded Parihaka after 22 years of bloody war across the country for land and resources. A war which has never ended and links directly to ruling class oppression, white supremacy, extractivism and now global warming. The 6th of November is a Global Day of Action for climate justice.

Our demands:

  • End extraction of fossil fuels
  • Ban industrial fertiliser & PKE
  • End dairy exports
  • No false solutions

3-6 November • Webinar, online & local events across aotearoa

What will happen

  • Connecting with other groups/individuals to build the movement, and time to work with your local groups to plan
  • Learning about the local history and its impacts
  • Skill-sharing, learning about climate justice and activism from different groups (talks, workshops, displays, stalls, zines, networking)
  • Making art and props
  • Nonviolent direct action