Our demands:

  • End extraction of fossil fuels
  • Ban industrial fertiliser & PKE
  • End dairy exports
  • No false solutions

End extraction of fossil fuels

Ban any new coal, oil and gas prospecting, exploration, mining, expansion and extensions in Aotearoa by 2022 and an end to prospecting, exploration and re-drilling in all existing fossil fuel permits by 2025 to allow only for current production to come to an end as soon as possible. We are in a climate crisis and should stop fossil fuel production by 2030.

Ban industrial fertiliser and PKE

Ban all gas derived fertilisers, imported phosphates from Western Sahara or elsewhere and Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) for palm plantations dependent on rainforest destruction, immediately. Industrial fertilisers poison soil, waterways, emit harmful greenhouse gases and contribute to the illegal occupation and extraction of resources from other countries. We need localised, regenerative agriculture that works with nature.

End dairy exports

95% of dairy products in Aotearoa are processed, packaged, trucked and shipped overseas using huge amounts of fossil fuels. The industry contributes to deforestation, wetland removal, soil degradation and pollution of waterways. Unsustainable capitalist growth models with massive debt and bad working conditions are not good for anyone. We need to restore local economies producing food and natural resources while restoring wild ecosystems.

No false solutions

Solutions that rely on and continue extraction of resources from the earth such as electric vehicles, hydrogen power and altering animals to suit our wants are false solutions, as they do not address the systemic cause that has created the climate crisis. This is the idea that the Earth and all beings are resources that can be extracted for profit. Real solutions come from regenerating the planet and learning to live within ecological and social boundaries using the tools we already have and reusing what we have already ‘thrown away’. Papatūānuku is not our resource. We cannot keep expecting to cut, dig and extract without consequences. We need an urgent downshift in energy and resource use by relocalising our economies and communities.


3-6 November • webinar, online & local events across aotearoa

Regeneration Not Extraction – extractive, linear economies come from colonial, top-down, individualist thinking based on taking, without boundaries nor giving back. Regenerative, circular economies come from the understanding of existing within living, interdependent communities on a finite planet.



SIGN THE PETITION to create ocean sanctuaries. Ocean sanctuaries not only protect wildlife but act as giant carbon sinks that could quickly and safely store greenhouse gas emissions:

SIGN THE PETITION to stop intensive winter grazing:

SIGN THE PETITION to ban synthetic fertiliser made from fossil fuels:

SIGN THE PETITION to stop any new coal mines in Aotearoa:

Call for Moratorium on Deep Sea Mining